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6.12.0 (October 2019)

Kurento Media Server 6.12 has been released!

To install it: Installation Guide.


  • Added support for the empty candidate that Firefox sends to signal the end of Trickle ICE.
  • Resolve mDNS candidate names that Chrome uses in place of local candidate IP Addresses for privacy reasons.
  • New package kurento-dbg, that installs all optional debugging symbols that are needed for Kurento crash reports.
  • Add support for compilation with Clang and UndefinedSanitizer in the Kurento helper build script: Kurento/kms-omni-build/bin/


  • libsrtp fork updated to version 1.6.0; custom patch reviewed to fix “*unprotect failed code 9*” warning messages.
  • User kurento gets now created with an User ID belonging to the system category (which gets an UID >= 100), instead of the user category (which gets an UID >= 1000). This fixes the issue of the user kurento showing up in the Ubuntu login screen.
  • The home directory for the user kurento has been moved from /var/kurento to /var/lib/kurento, which complies with the Linux Foundation’s Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS).
  • Enable C++14 language spec. when building C++ code.


  • The old home directory for the user kurento, which was located at /var/kurento, is now re-created as a symbolic link to the new location in /var/lib/kurento. Applications should migrate to the new location. The next major release of Kurento will stop providing the fallback link in the old path.