Configuration Guide

Kurento works by orchestrating a broad set of technologies that must be made to work together. Some of these technologies can accept different configuration parameters that Kurento makes available through several configuration files:

  • /etc/kurento/kurento.conf.json: The main configuration file. Provides settings for the behavior of Kurento Media Server itself.
  • /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/MediaElement.conf.ini: Generic parameters for all kinds of MediaElement.
  • /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/SdpEndpoint.conf.ini: Audio/video parameters for SdpEndpoint*s (i.e. *WebRtcEndpoint and RtpEndpoint).
  • /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/WebRtcEndpoint.conf.ini: Specific parameters for WebRtcEndpoint.
  • /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/HttpEndpoint.conf.ini: Specific parameters for HttpEndpoint.
  • /etc/default/kurento-media-server: This file is loaded by the system’s service init files. Defines some environment variables, which have an effect on features such as the Debug Logging, or the Kernel Dump files that are generated when a crash happens.

Media Server

File: /etc/kurento/kurento.conf.json.

[TODO] Explain parameters.


File: /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/MediaElement.conf.ini.

[TODO] Explain parameters.


File: /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/SdpEndpoint.conf.ini.

[TODO] Explain parameters.


File: /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/WebRtcEndpoint.conf.ini.

[TODO] Explain parameters.


File: /etc/kurento/modules/kurento/HttpEndpoint.conf.ini.

[TODO] Explain parameters.

Debug Logging

File: /etc/default/kurento-media-server.