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Release Procedures



Kurento is a project composed of multiple kinds of modules, spanning a multitude of different technologies, languages and sets of best practices. Each one of those modules have their own unique style of administration, and the procedures needed to publish a new release can vary a lot.

This document aims to summarize all release procedures that apply to each one of the modules the Kurento project is composed of. The main form of categorization is by technology type: C/C++ based modules, Java modules, JavaScript modules, and others.

General considerations

  • Kurento components to be released must use development versions.
  • Dependencies to Kurento libraries can use release or development versions, as needed.
    • In Maven (Java), development versions are indicated by the suffix -SNAPSHOT after the version number. Example: 6.7.0-SNAPSHOT.
    • In CMake (C/C++), development versions are indicated by the suffix -dev after the version number. Example: 6.7.0-dev.
  • All dependencies to development versions will be changed to a release version during the release procedure. Concerning people will be asked to choose an appropriate release version for each development dependency.
  • Kurento uses semantic versioning. Please refer to for more information.
  • Tags will be named with the version number of the release. Example: 6.7.0.

Project Inventory

Where applicable, these lists are presented in the order given by their module dependencies, such as the one indicated in development-dependency-list.

Media Server

KMS main components

  • kurento-module-creator
  • kms-cmake-utils
  • kms-jsonrpc
  • kms-core
  • kms-elements
  • kms-filters
  • kurento-media-server

KMS extra modules

  • kms-chroma
  • kms-crowddetector
  • kms-datachannelexample
  • kms-platedetector
  • kms-pointerdetector

Kurento external libraries

  • gstreamer
  • libsrtp
  • openh264
  • usrsctp
  • jsoncpp
  • gst-plugins-base
  • gst-plugins-good
  • gst-plugins-ugly
  • gst-plugins-bad
  • gst-libav
  • openwebrtc-gst-plugins
  • libnice

Java Public kurento-qa-pom kurento-java kurento-room kurento-tutorial-java kurento-maven-plugin doc-kurento Private kurento-sfu kurento-tree kurento-demo kurento-tutorial-test Javascript Public kurento-client-js kurento-jsonrpc-js kurento-utils-js kurento-tutorial-js kurento-tutorial-node KurentoForks/demo-console Private kurento-demo-js kurento-demo-node kurento-developer-portal