Class IceConnection

  • public class IceConnection
    extends Object
    The ICE connection state for a certain stream and component.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IceConnection

        protected IceConnection()
        Default private constructor of IceConnection for serialization with Jackson
      • IceConnection

        public IceConnection​(String streamId,
                             int componentId,
                             IceComponentState state)
        Create a IceConnection
    • Method Detail

      • getStreamId

        public String getStreamId()
        get The ID of the stream
      • setStreamId

        public void setStreamId​(String streamId)
        set The ID of the stream
      • getComponentId

        public int getComponentId()
        get The ID of the component
      • setComponentId

        public void setComponentId​(int componentId)
        set The ID of the component
      • setState

        public void setState​(IceComponentState state)
        set The state of the component