Class: RTCIceCandidateAttributes


new RTCIceCandidateAttributes()

Name Type Description
ipAddress external:String It is the IP address of the candidate, allowing for IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, and fully qualified domain names (FQDNs).
portNumber external:int64 It is the port number of the candidate.
transport external:String Valid values for transport is one of udp and tcp. Based on the 'transport' defined in [RFC5245] section 15.1.
candidateType module:core/complexTypes.RTCStatsIceCandidateType The enumeration RTCStatsIceCandidateType is based on the cand-type defined in [RFC5245] section 15.1.
priority external:int64 Represents the priority of the candidate
addressSourceUrl external:String The URL of the TURN or STUN server indicated in the RTCIceServers that translated this IP address.


  • module:core.RTCStats