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Contribution GuideΒΆ

You can contribute to the Kurento project through bug reports or bug fixes in the Issue Tracker, code for new features, or improvements to the documentation. To contribute, write in the the Kurento Public Mailing List providing full information about your contribution and its value.

You must comply with the following contribution guidelines:

  • Specify the contents of your contribution either through a detailed bug description, through a Pull Request, or through a patch.
  • Specify the licensing restrictions of the code you contribute.
  • For newly created code to be incorporated in the Kurento codebase, you must accept Kurento to own the code copyright, so that its open source nature is guaranteed.
  • Justify appropriately the need and value of your contribution. The Kurento project has no obligations in relation to accepting contributions from third parties.

The Kurento project leaders have the right of asking for further explanations, tests or validations of any code contributed to the community before it being incorporated into the Kurento codebase. You must be ready to address all these kind of concerns before having your code approved.